PurPod100 Featured on The Marilyn Denis Show


Excited people at the show today received amazing coffee and a brewer to celebrate our monumental achievement of producing the one billionth compostable coffee pod.

100% compostable coffee pods allow eco-conscious coffee lovers to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, without the plastic waste.

These made-in-Canada pods are made with plant-based materials. Coffee bean skins left over from coffee roasting used to be waste. Now, they are a key material in the unique ring on the pod!

Compostable coffee pods are available in a variety of brands across Canada, including Ethical Bean, Jumping Bean, Muskoka Roastery and Craft Roasters, so you’re sure to find a blend that is just right for the coffee lover in your life.

To see the video, please visit (9:30 is where the magic happens): https://bit.ly/2Z9YwaF